ATP Film ¬ Les Savvy Fav ¬ 10 years of ATP

On the even of Bowlie 2 (which we won’t be attending alas) some more from the archives…

remarkable restrained Les Savvy Fav played at the screening of the ATP Film in Glasgow last year. As local acts often featue heavily on the ATP roster (and indeed Belle and Sebastian starting the whole process with the original Bowlie weekender) expectations were high. The film was enetertaining but a little limited in its scope I felt, Warren Ellis was definitely the highlight.

With the film as a taster later last year we headed back down to Minehead for 10 Years of ATP. As all the acts had played ATP before there was less of a sense of discovery but some fantastic tunes nevertheless. We didn’t quite manage to tap into an appropriate level of hedonistic attitude either – the 10 hour bus ride sapping our energy for the weekend.


We made the first of many jaunts across to Edinburgh over the festival season to sample some of the Edinburgh Internation Film Festival. Unfortunately most of the films we wanted to see were sold out, so we killed time playing hopscotch in front of the castle and trying the rather expensive (but pretty good) dumplings at Chop Chop

We did manage to catch the quite surreal but fairly entertaining low budget flick ‘Modern Love is Automatic’, late in the evening to justify our trip.

deadly cargo

deadly cargo
We attended the first screening of the Camcorder Guerrillas new doco Deadly Cargo. Covering the secret convoys that transport nuclear warheads for servicing from Faslane, north of Glasgow down into England, on public motorways via many of the UK’s significant cities it was a timely reminder.

You can download from the guerrillas website, if you register. Or just have a look at nukewatch for more info.