10,000 bulb challenge

Glasgow Garden Guerillas latest project:

“With summer slipping by rapidly- yes it really is July not a mass calender based prank- our thoughts have turned towards the coming year. So now that you’re all depressed allow us to cheer you up by introducing the Ten Thousand Bulb challenge.

Those of you who’ve visited our site at Townhead will be aware it’s a fair old size so in order to get it looking really good for next spring we need bulbs and lots of them. We are aiming to attract sufficient donations in either cash or bulbs to let us blanket our Townhead and Wilson Street sites in thousands of blooms.

Between now and December 31st 2009 we hope to obtain and plant a whopping ten thousand bulbs and will be frenziedly panhandling for the next few months. If you’d like to help out you can either use the paypal button on this page to make a donation, bring a bag of bulbs along to a dig or contact us to arrange to send bulbs to one of the troops. A no cost donation can also be made simply by visiting our Squidoo page as we earn royalties from traffic, sign ups and purchases made from the page. If you have a blog we’d be delighted if you would spare the time to write a short post about the challenge to encourage as many folk as possible to get involved.”

deadly cargo

deadly cargo
We attended the first screening of the Camcorder Guerrillas new doco Deadly Cargo. Covering the secret convoys that transport nuclear warheads for servicing from Faslane, north of Glasgow down into England, on public motorways via many of the UK’s significant cities it was a timely reminder.

You can download from the guerrillas website, if you register. Or just have a look at nukewatch for more info.