die die die at the captain's rest

The final installment of our week of music involved New Zealand’s antecedent to the Flight of the ConchordsDie Die Die. The last time we saw them they were playing the car park at our favourite Brisvegan coffee shop – Jamie’s.They looked a little older but their jeans were still as tight.

Support was intense drone music by Holy Mountain which drove us back upstairs followed by some straight up fairly dull hardcore, from a band who’s name escapes me.

Die Die Die took to the stage (well patch of floor as it is is at the Captain’s Rest) with total mentalness, intense feedback drenched walls of punk noise. They kept this up for the next fourty minutes to leave me ears just about bleeding. The twenty or so punters scattered about the room seemed unsure of what to make of these crazy kiwis, but they certainly won’t forget them in a hurry.

the do & moriarty at abc2

The Dø
The Dø

Having partied to Holy Fuck on the Monday night we had a Wilton St house outing with our top floor neighbours to check out The Dø – a French/Finnish pop duo who are toast of the euro-hipster clique.

Despite their hipster appeal they really are fantastic performers and their album ‘A Mouthful’ (well worth checking out) is breathtakingly good. Crossing from folk to pop to electro to artful noise their music effortlessly threads a diversity of elements. They worked their hearts out for the meagre crowd ensconced at ABC2 and it was a pity more people weren’t there to see them. It also helps that the lead singer Olivia Merilahti is drop dead gorgeous – I think I might have fallen in love once she emerged from a crazy tasseled hooded jumpsuit at the start of the gig. They would certainly be a great festival act as they are a total party band – in fact I think they had just finished touring Australia for the summer festival circuit when we saw them.

The support act – the ficticious Moriarty family provided some alt country brilliance as a warm up, the French/American outfit were great fun – outrageous yet polished and incredibly accomplished musicians.

holy fuck at oran mor

holy fuck
holy fuck

In a gigtastic week way back in may we sidled down the road to the basement of Oran Mor to sample the amazing indie electro noise of Canadians Holy Fuck.

After the support act It Hugs Back – presented their throwback to nineties grunge complete with checked shirts and long hair Holy Fuckenergied the crowd and got the whole room pumping.

With theur Presetsesque dancing along, effortless switching of obscure vintage elctro gear with each track and brilliant back lighting it was a great gig all round – even if we were only drinking orange juice and were home by 11 pm (being a monday night and all).

les ballets c de la b at the tramway

We caught ‘Ashes’ the final installment of a trio of dance pieces by Belgian company Les Ballets C de la B at the Tramway. It was a rhythmic, mesmerising piece with a very architectural set. The piece made significant use of the acoustics of the set with a live quartet that moved strategically around the stage – while the dancers slammed into walls, slapped each other and pounded the floor.

stirling, dunblane & the campsies

oswald near the campsiesOur first test of Oswald’s capabilities – although we didn’t camp in him. A quick run over to Stirling to pick up a kilt with Claire and then a leisurely scenic route back via Dunblane for one of Scotland’s best bacon rolls and a quick stop for a cup of tea (below)

Chhay & Claire at foursies