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Weekends are back! For a while I had forgotten the distinction placed on the days starting with S – 3 months travelling blurs the days into one a little. If our first Glasgow weekend is anything to go by it should be a fun place to hang out for a while.

Saturday morning we went shopping at the local farmer’s markets – no mangoes & bananas a la Brisbane’s West End markets here. Instead it was root vegetables, cabbage and lots of free range meat. Had a delicious ‘farmer’s market’ vegetable soup for lunch followed by a random philosophical discussion on the future of architecture (post-post-modernism anyone) over a few pints at the pub.

Saturday night we headed to an isolated back street of Paisley where at the back of an indian restaurant, through an unmarked door we discovered (well actually were lead to) a Glasgow clubbing institution Club 69, complete with dirty techno circa 1993 pounding away all night. As we were warned at lunch, Club 69 is difficult to find, but even more difficult to get home from. After missing the bus back to civilisation we wandered the streets in search of non-existent taxis – finding only off duty ones, one of whom finally relented and took us home.

glorius sunday from nathalie's flat

After a sleep in on Sunday awoke to a glorious sunny day – grabbed a coffee and went for a wander through some of the delightful streets and parks near where we are staying. Follwed that up by finally finding a place to live! We were quite exhausted by the end of it all and looking forward to some respite at work… well perhaps not quite that extreme.

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