the sigh of relief

our place

Finally moved into our own place yesteday – a ground floor tenement flat in the West End of Glasgow. It isn’t ideal (a bit over the top actually) but it will do while we get settled, and was better than much of the dross we were looking at. I’ll post some pictures once our boxes of stuff arrive – hopefully tommorrow!

We are about 20 min from work if we catch the train and close to lots of interesting stuff in the West End, in fact this weekend there is a little art project happening right around the corner from us.

One thought on “the sigh of relief”

  1. hola,

    i just wanted to leave a comment really….
    its good to hear your settling in an iteresting place.
    had a look at your office’s web site. nice resi worx and good size office it seems.

    i’m going to visit family and friends in Israel 24 Dec – 27 Jan so you might just be able to spot me in the middle east ( on a clear Glasgowegian day that is).

    merry chanukkah christmas,


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