st peters seminary, cardross


One of the highlights of our mad dash across scotland with our friend Ashley last weekend was a visit to the abandoned modernist ruin of St Peter’s Seminary by the locally lauded Gillespie Kidd & Coia. Haunt of local neds, willful fire raisers, hidden glasgow photographers and Mackintosh School of Architecture disciples alike it is a powerful building in a beatutiful context, spooky in its abandonment.

The main hall is a spectacular space with tiered accomodation above a concrete alter now exposed to the sun (below), covered in debris and graffiti. We took one of Ashley’s friends from his course along for the ride – I’ve included his photos here – they’re much better than my efforts. Chhay in her retro manner did get some very atmospheric polaroids which I’ll scan and upload soon. Apologies for the image heavy post but I think they convey the building far better than my words.

More photos at our & daniel’s flickr

Alter, originally uploaded by dmmd303.

st peters, originally uploaded by tim&chhay.

Reflection, originally uploaded by dmmd303.

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