Farewelled brisvegas in style last night – moreton bay bugs on the barbie while watching the valley go by. Last few days have been a bit of a nightmare trying to get everything finished. Word for the wise – its worth every cent paying for a end-of-lease cleaner rather than doing it yourself!

We have vowed to not accumulate stuff wherever we next land – but as all the recent arrivals in my office will note – that is very good in theory and much less easy in reality.
We are back in a very brisk Adelaide now (a good practice run for things to come I suppose) and hanging out at home before catching up with the locals.

homeless & unemployed though not statistically

Having lost our fridge to the removalist on Monday various friends have been very generous in providing us with a feed these past two nights. The meals have been fantastic, this leaving thing isn’t so bad really, a shame we have to go so soon. Must remember to be fridgeless for longer next time we move.
I’m shocked how long this vacating of our premises is taking, it doesn’t help that all this “stuff” keeps appearing from who-knows-where. Half of what we owned can now be found at the Salvos but we keep finding more “stuff”. We are almost there though. Three and a half years of dust have been wiped clean today. Though I must say tonight’s cleaning was made easier after a few glasses of wine and, mostly for Tim, winning a round of Trivial Pursuit. We stopped cleaning just after 2am.

We found time to do the census in between cleaning and Trivia. Sadly we couldn’t distort the census with our homelessness and unemployment. Tomorrow will be a busy day, we’re off to Toowoomba to see Grandma Gwen for afternoon tea. Here’s hoping Tim escapes the grilling about not planning to be back in Brisbane anytime soon.

last days…

Last day of work for who knows how long tommorrow!!! Things are definitely getting closer now. Farewell drinks on sunday at the alibi room should be fun – especially having spent the afternoon barefoot bowling and revelling in beer at 1970’s prices.

gold coastin'

Mt Warning

Back from the city of fast cars and plastic women – we did pretty well on our list for the day. After getting to bed at 1 am had a 4 am start for Mt Warning, Arrived at the base just before sunrise so didn’t see it from the top (apparently we missed out according to the people we passed coming down from the summit but I’m not sure I would have liked to tackle the track in the dark) A 2 hour climb later the view was still pretty amazing. Misplaced Chhay along the way (well actually she was too lazy tired to even get out of the car!!)

Mt Warning Sun

A final breakfast at the Elephant Rock Cafe was suitably pleasant. Called in on Grandma Marge for the last time before a BBQ lunch at Surfers Paradise – thanks Michael, including some serious napping on the grass. We were knackered by the time we got back so gave the spiegletent a miss.

ticking boxes

A busy weekend ahead – not enough time for important things such as preparing to leave or catching up on work missed due to my cold this week but… oh well.

Heading to the bledisloe cup tonight expect that the Aussies will be trounced but as we are sitting with a rabid kiwi are hoping for an upset…update Not quite the thrashing that I suspected but hardly thrilling rugby. Image of the kickoff below.
bledisloe kick-off

Then a pre-dawn departure for Mt Warning with the aim of scaling it for sunrise – not sure if we’ll make it – I suspect that Chhay will have issues with 1000 + steps (expecially in the dark!).

Breakfast scheduled for Currumbin – our farewell to the ocean and the Elephant Rock Cafe. Morning tea with Grandma Marge and then a barbeque with Chhay’s workmates somewhere on the Gold Coast.

After all that if we aren’t completely buggered there is a show at the Spiegletent back in Bris-vegas!

splendour in the mud

Weekend at Splendour in the Grass rocked out. Deluge on Friday night ensured that it was a mud-wrestlers paradise. Was quite thankful we weren’t camping (muchos gracias adam + peter). We checked out the set-up on Friday night – and inaugurated Sera Tonin’s Panel-Van Show – learning more about Cold Chisel than we could ever have asked for in the process!

sera tonin & adam

Sera was staying at the same place as we were & had some crazy tales about the punters who flocked through Australia’s most intimate venue. Saturday was quite low key – Death Cab for Cutie the highlight. Sunday was quite awesome: The Zuton were very danceable at the start of the day, Snow Patrol were better than expected, The Presets were awesome (although a little over played – we heard their single at least 5 times over the course of the weekend). We only caught the end of Matisyahu who had the whole place jumping. We got a fantastic possie for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and were treated to an extended set with lots of old material thrown in. Rain interupted out attempt to see the Scissor Sisters with no chance of getting inside the tent we beat a retreat to the night club before checking out Brian Wilson who had everyone singing along and dancing too.

yeah yeah yeahsthe zutonsthe presetsdeath cab for cutie brian wilsonsnow patrol

Wandered home monday morning feeling decidedly knackered and am now paying the price with a serious cold.

leaving bris vegas!

3 weeks till we leave sunny Brisbane – only two of work left. Things just barely under control – I think we’ll get everything organised in time.

Next stop Kuala Lumpur for 3 days then Siem Reap and Angkor Wat!!